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Properties - Azafranes Manchegos


Saffron was introduced into Spain between the VIII and IX centuries as a crop, although it was already used for it´s beneficial effects on the health, being thought of by all cultures as one of the most prestigious plants of all time. For a long time it was considered to be the elixir of life due to it´s characteristics and chemical composition.

Numerous therapeutical properties are atributed to saffron such as anticarcinogenic, antidepressat and antioxidantal properties, quite possibly protecting the nervous system and can have effects in the immunological system. Also saffron has been studied for it´s capacity to improve the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease, asthma, infertility, menstrual problem and psoriasis.

As a very ancient and costly medicinal remedy, it was only destined to those persons who could economically permit it .

Due to the interest that has been provoked among the scientific community with this spice, in the last few years different studies have been developed in order to analyse and to clarify it´s therapeutic properties. In one concrete case, researchers from the University of Medical Sciences of Teheran (Iran), principal producer of saffron worldwide, have recently demonstrated the efficiency of saffron for the treatment of the symptomatology for depression and anxiety.