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Product gourmet - Azafranes Manchegos

Product gourmet

Aromatic, chromatic, mystical and aphrodisiac

A gourmet product , 100% natural and known as " red gold ", a complete gastronomic pleasure from the most traditional dishes to the most avant-garde.

A coveted spice with a unique flavor, which makes it one of the most luxurious in the world. Saffron has a floral flavor that resembles honey, lightly bitter and obtains a brilliant and perfect yellow colour without a need to use artificial colourings.

In the middle of the age of culinary fusion this exquisite spice cannot be absent, to decorate with a few fibers which gives a romantic and elegant touch, to flavour and giving color to our meals (dishes).

Our saffron is carefully selected, preserving its unique qualities and organoleptics properties in order to apreciate it´s quality and delicacy, a complete experience even for the most refined palate.